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For my senior project I made my own gourd banjo. Our project was supposed to stretch us in our learning. My project was a stretch because 1. I've never used power tools before and I had to learn from the very beginning 2. I've never played the banjo and 3. I have social phobia and I had to perform alone.
It was really stressful the last few days of finishing my banjo because at that point, anything could happen. All the work I spent on it could be destroyed. Even though I didn't think it would turn out very well, it ended up being a great performance and I had over 200 people. I am very proud of the work I put into it and I also discovered some talents that I didn't know I had.


One of my favorite high school memories was in ninth grade. It was history day and my group performed Pyramus and Thisbe from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Morgan was Pyramus, Ryan was Thisbe, Olivia was the lion, Sydney was the moon, and I was the wall. We had spent the whole first half of the day performing, and when we thought we could finally relax, we found out that we had an assembly to go to. As our class lined up to go, Olivia, Sydney, Casey, and I hid in the bathroom. When we heard the last person exit the room, we quietly came out of the bathroom. After that we weren't really sure what to do. We sat for a few minutes trying to find something to keep us entertained when Sydney picked up a wig off the floor and started playing with it. After a few minutes of playing with it, we were bored again . Finally, we all agreed that we should just go back to the assembly. As we gathered our things, Casey got the cardboard cut out of John Wayne and put it in front of the door and Sydney put the wig on him. Satisfied, we happily walked to the Great Hall when we spotted Mr. Hughes. Unfortuntely, we were cuaght (Except for Sydney).




This is my banjo. It helps me through hard times because no matter what song I play on it, it always turns out really happy. Whenever I notice that my mom is in a bad mood, all I have to do is play my banjo and it makes her happy. A lot of times she doesn't even realize it. My banjo and I have gone through a lot together. A few weeks before I bought it, I really had no interest in it, but throughout the week I kept having dreams about playing it and I ended up being the best banjo player ever. So over the summer, I decided to save up my money to buy it. A lot of people thought that I was wasting my money because I've never played it before and after the first week it would end up sitting in my closet, collecting dust. They were WRONG! I spent at least four hours every day trying to teach myself. It took lots of patience and lots of repetition. The first day that I brought it home, I spent the whole time trying to learn one song! It definitely paid off. Once I got the picking pattern down, I was so excited to learn more. I still get excited to learn new stuff. Every day after school, I take my banjo out and try to learn a new song. Anyway, that's the story about my banjo.

One of my hobbies is taking things apart and making stuff out of the parts. A friend of mine gave me an old sewing machine that  she's had for quite a while. The sewing machine was probably at least 30 years old and it hasn't been greased for a long time, so all the screws were rusted into place and it was extremely hard to unscrew them. I ended up breaking three screwdrivers. I decided that I would give it one more try before I totally destroy it. I put all my strength into it and the screwdriver slipped and sliced my hand. The first time it wasn't bad, but after cutting myself five times, I stopped because I all of a sudden realized that I haven't had a tetanus shot for 13 years. My mom took me to the emergency room and they stitched my hand up and gave me a tetanus shot. It turns out that I was severely allergic to the shot and that I can't ever have it again unless I want to die and I need to give up my hobby. All of this happened a five days before my senior project. Great! Other than slicing my hand with a flathead screwdriver, I had a pretty relaxing break.

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This Sunday my family and I had a meeting where we discussed current events. The main event that we talked about was the earthquake in Japan. After talking about it, my dad asked if we would be prepared if something like this happened to us. It turns out that we really aren't as prepared as we should be. So my mom and dad split us up into three committees. My sister and I are in charge of gathering food every month for our food storage, Noah and Gabe are in charge of gathering stuff together for a 72-hour kit, and Jacob and Isaac are in charge of starting our garden. Every month, each committee will get $25 to spend on stuff to put in our kits. This week, my assignment for my group is to research food storage plans. If we keep this up every month, we will be prepared if we ever run into some kind of disaster.

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This past Sunday, my family and I were loading into the car to go to church and I noticed that everything from the glove box and all our CD's were thrown all over the car and there were things scattered everywhere.  My mom called the police because the night before, my dad had left his knife in the car.(He's a custom knife maker.) He had spent hours of his weekend making this knife and he sold it to someone in California for $500 and then, some little punk comes along and steals it. All Sunday morning, the police were investigating and we had to get someone else to fix the door on the driver's side because it was jammed!
Other than all this happening, it was a pretty good weekend. >:(

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